Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I request a quote?

Simply send an email to with a list of items you wish to hire, we will then confirm the availability of the products and email you a written quote and booking form that you will need to return to us.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, our minimum order for Yarra Valley Party Hire is $150, excluding damage waiver and delivery fees.

Are there any additional costs?

The prices quoted on our website are the standard hire price for our products and include GST. Where our products have to be assembled on site, the assembly charge is included in the hire price quoted.

There are a number of additional costs that may apply:

  • The cost for extended hire, if your hire period is longer than 3 days (excluding Sundays and Public Holidays).
  • The cost for delivery, which is calculated according to the hire items, delivery location, delivery and collection restrictions.
  • The cost of losses, damages and breakages, which are charged once the goods have been returned to us and assessed by our warehouse team. Each item has a replacement fee that is the cost incurred by Yarra Valley Party Hire to restock that item.

What is the hire period?

The prices shown on our website are based on our 1-3 day hire rate. You can hire out our products for longer; we will simply increase the number of hires according to the length of the time required.


What size marquee will I need?

There are many factors to consider when determining the size of the marquee required for your event. Some factors that need to be considered include:

  • Available space to fit the marquee
  • The type of event, e.g. wedding, birthday party, corporate event etc.
  • The number of expected guests
  • Whether the guests be seated at tables and if so, what style of tables you prefer. Don’t forget that a formal head table will take up more space than your guest tables.
  • Whether you require a stage, dance floor, buffet tables or other furniture in the marquee

Our marquee hire specialists will suggest the appropriate size based on your personal needs.

How do I know if my site is suitable for installing a marquee?

Most surfaces are suitable for installing a marquee. Usually we use pegs driven into grass surfaces or natural ground, but on surfaces where marquees cannot be pegged into the ground (such as on paving, concrete or asphalt) steel or concrete weights can be used. There is a small additional charge to place and remove these heavy weights.

Does the Marquee come with walls?

Yes marquees come with solid fabric walls on three sides.  Clear walls are available at an additional charge.

Can I hire a Marquee and erect it myself?

No. The erection of marquees is a specialist role and must be completed by experienced professionals.

What are the conditions of hire?

The Hirer must clearly mark out the site prior to marquee installation and ensure that they inform Yarra Valley Party Hire of the nature and location of all relevant utilities, communications and facilities. 

The Hirer acknowledges that he has read and fully understands the within hire equipment contract and agrees to be bound by all terms, conditions and provisions hereof.

Acceptance of a quote is an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Click HERE to view our full Terms and Conditions of Hire.

How many people can I fit in each size marquee?

The following chart is a guide only. The first priority when choosing a marquee size is to measure the space available where the marquee is to be erected.  If space is not an issue then some of the other factors determining the size of the marquee are the type of function, seating and buffet tables, and whether you would like a dance floor or stage.

When calculating the right size marquee to suit your land area, always allow a minimum 2 meters around the perimeter of your marquee to ensure a good fit.

For example, if you wanted to host 100 people in a 10m clear span structure, seated at round tables with a standard dance floor – you would need to hire a 10m x 15m structure. 150m2 could cater for up to 115 guests.



Seated - Round Tables

Seated - Round Tables + Standard Dance Floor

Seated - Round Tables + Standard Dance Floor for a Wedding

Standing (Cocktail)

Standing (Cocktail) + Standard Dance Floor

Theatre Style


(1.1m2 per person)

(1.3m2 per person)

(1.5m2 per person)

(0.75 m2 per person)

(1m2 per person)

(0.75 m2 per person)

3m Framed Marquees (3m x 3m)







6m Clear Span Structure (6m x 3m)







10m Clear Span Structure (10m x 3m)







15m Clear Span Structure (15m x 5m)







20m Clear Span Structure (20m x 5m)








Please contact our office if you need any more help.


What is your booking procedure?

You can make a booking by phone or email.  A quote will be prepared including any additional charges including delivery and damage waiver.  Once you are happy with the quote, the quote will be accepted, and a Tax Invoice will be provided as confirmation of your booking.

A 20% deposit is required on booking to lock in that date for hire or event set up.  Full payment is required 7 days before booking date.

Yarra Valley Party Hire accepts payment via bank transfer, MasterCard and Visa.

Please note that no booking is confirmed until a deposit is paid. 

How far in advance do I need to book equipment?

There is no set time frame that you need to book by. You can book months, days or hours in advance.  However we recommend booking about 4 – 6 weeks in advance for marquees, especially during our busy season of October – March, other items about 2 – 4 weeks in advance. The later you leave it to book the higher the risk you run that we won’t be able to supply the equipment.

Do I lose my deposit if I cancel my hire?

If booking is cancelled between deposit payment and up to 8 days before the event, Yarra Valley Party Hire will make a full refund of any hire fees paid minus the 20% deposit paid.

Bookings cancelled within 7 days of the event date will forfeit 100% of the total hire fee. These cancellation terms apply to cancellation of individual items from any confirmed order as well.

I think I have over ordered, what can I do?

Unfortunately once the items have been confirmed, paid and delivered we are unable to offer a refund.


Is delivery included in the hire price?

No. The delivery fee is an additional cost that varies depending on each individual order. The fee is determined by the items and quantities on the order, the delivery location, access and the dates and times of the event.

Can my equipment be delivered a couple of days earlier than my event/wedding?

Due to the nature of the business, we most likely have equipment booked during weekdays and then again over the weekend. If you must have your equipment earlier than your event date, you will be charged additional nights hire.

In some cases due to scheduling we might be able to offer earlier delivery but this will not be confirmed until the week of your event or wedding. If you want to guarantee delivery earlier you would be best to pay the additional nights hire.

Yarra Valley Party Hire is happy try and accommodate clients delivery times and expectations but sometimes due to volume of events or weddings in one week we are unable to commit to particular times unless paid for.

How Is Delivery Calculated?

Delivery fees are unique to each order, and take into account the number, type and weight of items, the time taken to load and unload the truck, the number of trucks required, the number of team members required to load, deliver and unload the order, the address where the delivery will be taken to and collected from, and any delivery restrictions you may have given us.

Delivery fees are subject to change, and will be recalculated if, once an order has been placed, your order is amended to change any of the above.

Our delivery model is cost recovery only, meaning that we only charge what it costs to deliver and collect the items, including (but not limited to) labour, vehicle costs and fuel.

The following is an indication of delivery costs for a single truck or part thereof;

What time would delivery be?

Standard delivery times are Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. We can offer either AM or PM delivery windows but their availability depends on our workload.

Delivery is available outside these times but additional costs may apply. If your function is on a weekend we normally deliver on Friday and collect on Monday. Delivery on weekends is available but additional costs may apply.

Do you do late night or Sunday Pickups after the event?

Yes we do both Sunday and late night picks ups although a fee will apply. The late night pickups are to be before 12am and the Sunday will be after 8am.


Can I collect my Hire order?

Yes, you are able to collect some of our items only.  You can pick up Monday to Friday (9am -4pm) from our premises.

All customer collection orders require full payment 48 hours prior to collection date. Please ensure that you arrange to collect your order in a covered vehicle. Please bring blankets and straps with you to secure the items during transit.

What time do I have to return my hire?

If you have a weekend hire, you need to return it on Monday between 9am – 4pm. Midweek hires are returned between the hours of 9.00am – 4pm.  Late fees may apply if items are not returned on expected day.

What form of security do I need to provide when doing a “customer pick-up” order?

Upon collection, please ensure that you bring your paid tax invoice and your driver’s license for verification.

What happens if I don’t return my “customer pick up order” in time?

All hire equipment must be returned by the return date pre-arranged on your order. Failure to do so will incur one additional hire charge for each item not returned, every 24 hours.

Once I have used the kitchen equipment or glassware, do I need to wash it?

All kitchen equipment and glassware must be rinsed and dry before returning.

All of the kitchen equipment will be washed and sterilised by Yarra Valley Party Hire using our commercial grade kitchen to meet all health and safety standards.


Do you charge a bond?

No, however credit card details must be provided when hiring equipment. No extra costs will be charged to your credit card unless the equipment is lost or damaged and in those cases we always consult with you before taking any action.  If damages occur then the costs to repair or replace will be charged as per our standard terms & conditions of hire (available on our website).

What if there is loss or damage of equipment?

If equipment is lost or damaged all equipment will be paid for by the client. In some cases, the bond may cover loss or damage but otherwise all repairs and replacement will be paid for by the client.

Our equipment is not covered by insurance in your care and this is the responsibility of the hirer. For all hire conditions please check out our terms and conditions.

What is the ‘Damage Waiver’ and is it refundable?

The damage waiver is an industry standard of the items hired value, which is added to all orders. This damage waiver is charged at 5% of the hire cost and covers all costs associated with normal wear and tear to the equipment and does not cover missing or damage to the items.

Do you have Public Liability?

Yes we have full Public Liability Insurance.  We can supply a Certificate of Currency on request.


What kind of sponsorship or donations do you offer?

In addition to our core partnerships, we offer a small number of discounted hire items to non-profit and community-based organisations who meet all of our specific criteria. We cannot donate or discount the hire price of linen, and we cannot discount delivery, collection or installation charges.

How do I make a request for sponsorship or donations?

All requests for sponsorship or donations must be received in writing at least 12 weeks prior to any event.

Our event is in less than 4 Weeks. Can I still apply for assistance?

We receive several donation requests every week and cannot support everyone. Due to stock allocation, competitiveness and fairness, last minute applications cannot be considered.

Can I Borrow Some items for a community or fundraising event?

As a hire company, that's what we do - lend items!  You are welcome to hire any of our items for our standard hire price. We prefer our donations to benefit the wider community and limit our donations to charitable organisations and community groups only.


Site Induction

The site induction is the first thing YVPH will do when they arrive on site to ensure all staff are familiar with the site.  It might include a site tour, awareness of site-specific safety and HR procedures and a mutual acknowledgement that everyone understands what is required to undertake the job safely.

  • Location of services such as power, gas, water, phone lines, etc.
  • hazards and risks in your workplace.
  • special equipment, such as personal protective equipment, which may require additional training.
  • safe work practices.
  • work health and safety legislation.
  • emergency procedures: emergency exits.
  • first aid and other emergency contacts.

Emergency Contact Details

If you have any concerns about your booking or when your delivery will arrive, please either call our office (03) 9730 1332 or your delivery driver.

In the event of urgent out of hours issues, please call or SMS 0400 390040. Leave a voicemail if no answer.